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Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #1

Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #1

Dark Horse logo

From Dark Horse Comics—

Cal’s changed … and maybe not for the better. Locked away and drowning himself with booze and aspirin, Cal feels the evil consuming him. Will he be able to withstand its pull or will he become the monster war’s greatest weapon of destruction?

* Written by Steve Niles (Breath of Bones, 30 Days of Night)

* Directly picks up from Criminal Macabre: The Eyes of…

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Announcing the Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #1 Launch Party!

Announcing the Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #1 Launch Party!

Marvel Comics logo

From Marvel Comics—

Marvel is making sure all comic book stores worldwide are armed and ready for the biggest comics event of the year as Avengers & X-Men: AXISexplodes onto comic stands on October 8th! In addition to being among the first to purchase AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #1, fans will also be able to receive special items exclusive to these parties at participating retail stores.


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Co-Op Multiplayer Coming To Dragon Age: Inquistion

Co-Op Multiplayer Coming To Dragon Age: Inquistion

EA Logo

From Electronic Arts—

BioWare™, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), today announced the cooperative dungeon crawling multiplayer mode in Dragon Age™: Inquisition. Created alongside the massive single player campaign, this marks the first time gamers can play with their friends in the Dragon Age franchise. The multiplayer mode in Dragon Age: Inquisitionwill feature action-packed…

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Game Review - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Game Review – Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Diablo III is one of those games I first played when it released on the PC.  I enjoyed the game a lot, but it felt for the longestDiablo III: Reaper of Souls time like there was just a certain something missing.  Perhaps it was the lack of customization towards stats that Diablo II had.  Maybe something in the story didn’t feel like it met the mark.  It’s really hard for me to put a finger on exactly what it was, but Diabl…

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Wallpaper of the Day

Wallpaper of the Day

Happy Wednesday to you!  When selecting the wallpaper for today, one of our staffers stumbled onto the image below.  Some of us were literally stopped in our tracks.  For some reason, this wallpaper image captured our imagination as things on the Internet sometimes do.  Not satisfied with just the image we found on Wallpaper Abyss, we went in search of the artist so we could give her or him…

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Solitary - Immortality Makes Death Row Pointless

Solitary – Immortality Makes Death Row Pointless

kickstarter logo

From Kickstarter—

Solitary is the story of Tim Hill, a man convicted to death row for crimes he didn’t commit. He is executed, and upon being executed, he awakens to find that he is immortal and death row is really going to suck. The series will focus on life in prison and what it means to face death row, immortality, and the idea that you don’t belong behind bars. Everyone hates him there.…

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Valiant Entertainment Heads to Baltimore Comic-Con 2014

Valiant Entertainment Heads to Baltimore Comic-Con 2014


From Valiant Entertainment—


Hot off of 16 nominations at this year’s Harvey Awards – including six for the industry’s most nominated series, Quantum and WoodyValiant Entertainment is proud to join Baltimore Comic-Con 2014 for a weekend jam-packed with show exclusives, signings, and panel appearances from the most talked-about comic book publisher of the year!

From Friday, September 5ththr…

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Face the Planet of the Symbiotes

The Guardians of the Galaxy Face the Planet of the Symbiotes

Marvel Comics logo

From Marvel Comics—

This November, dare to venture where no hero in the Marvel Universe has ever gone before as the Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves stranded on the home world of the Symbiotes! It all kicks off this November in Planet of the Symbiotes, the newest storyline beginning in Guardians of the Galaxy #21, from blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis and Marvel All-New Young…

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Merlotte’s Happy Hour - Episode 7

Merlotte’s Happy Hour – Episode 7


This episode of Merlotte’s Happy Hour doesn’t come without a great deal of sadness.  Along with discussing this week’s episode of True Blood, the panel also discusses the tragic death of Robin Williams.


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David Bowie to Star in Comic Book

David Bowie to Star in Comic Book

Bluewater logo

From Bluewater Productions—

In a summer filled with music, Bluewater Productions announced the release of new comic book biography of music icon David Bowie.

Fame: David will be released this week in print as well as digital. This summer, Bluewater has released biographical comic books featuring Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and Freddie Mercury as part of their popular Tribute series.


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Dive Into Spycraft with ‘Butterfly’

Dive Into Spycraft with ‘Butterfly’

BOOM! Studios, founded in 2005

From BOOM! Studios—

There’s nothing like a good spy thriller that explores deeply flawed and morally complex characters. Archaia, an imprint of award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios, is pleased to announce the September debut of Butterfly, a new four-issue series that explores the true nature of people who devote themselves to covert ops and the solitude, deceit, and violence that comes…

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